What Is Couchtuner?

Now –a – days not only kids, even the adult’s likes watching their favourite movie or tv shows during their leisure time. They will get relaxed by doing so. In this modern era everyone is getting to watch different movies cartoons TV shows totally for free online.  Internet is a great medium for this present stressful world to have anti stress and anti-anxiety properties. Couchtuner made this much easier and funfull for the online users. You can now watch all your favourite Movies and TV shows online DESI CID absolutely for FREE on Couch Tuner. What I mean to say is Couchtuner shows movies on online for no cost. You can now enjoy internet Videos and vids of the best tv shows free online through Couchtuner. Here in this article we provide you all the necessary information about online HD video streaming website Couchtuner.

What Is Couchtuner?

CouchTuner is a high demanded online HD video content service website providing thousands of movies and tv shows to watch online. This website is around 2010 born and gained popularity for their good idea. Couchtuner allows the user or the viewer to watch the video of his choice at his own time of convenience and allows keeping it with him.


Couchtuner rocks


As soon as the Couchtuner has launched, it has gained unimaginable popularity among the web for their unique thought and idea. Many online users has appreciated it at its launch as they can stream HD videos without any hassle. This is a pirated service. Yes, we need to make you clear on this aspect of this website. CouchTuneris mainly focused on TV shows. This site provides you allowance to watch every TV show of different channels on one go. You can watch all the tv shows without any time constraints or restrictions. So that you can watch your favourite show on your convenient time on your CouchTuner site. Some people like to watch all the episodes of a series at once and some doesn’t even find some time to watch their favourite shows because of hectic schedules. For all these couchtuner is the way out.  As I can see, now many just got used to couchtuner.


My couchtuner: Why Couchtuner is so popular?

Through the Couchtuner you can now stream and watch online movies in HD format. No need to keep your time and eye on the TV channel to watch your favourite TV shows. Just open your laptop or take your mobile on your hand and open couchtuner website. Your work is done. Enjoy your favourite show on your convenient time even your favourite place. Surpride your love and even friends making them watch their missed favourite tv shows. Couchtuner is on high demand nowadays, as you know the reason for this growing demand is the great technological service Couchtuner is providing. Some prefer torrenting to streaming videos online because they may like to have a library of their own on their laptops. But, here there is a risk of facing problems with viruses or malware. Streaming online services like Couchtuner are much more convenient as this online stream services give possibilities to save ROM.  Let me explain you in detail. If you want to watch, a show and you need to download it. Ca you download all series? You cant.  You can’t even imagine how inconvenient would be to download whole show to your personal computer or laptop. This is one of the major and actual reason for the popularity and existence of Couchtuner.


Features & working of Couchtuner:

Couchtuner is one of the best free video streaming services on the web. This website doesn’t annoy you asking sign up or registering to watch the HD movies online. So its very easy to watch on this streaming site as you dont need to create an account to access it and watch tv shows. Just open the website through the website link and watch TV shows, news, movies, reality shows of your choice online where ever you are. The particular advantage of this Couchtuner is that you do not need to sit in front your television to watch your programme. You can open your laptop and watch whatever you like. If you are feeling still lazy to open your laptop, our Couchtuner provides you great option of watching HD videos even on your mobile. If you really do not want to miss your TV program then Couchtuner is for you. Go where ever you want and wat what ever you like on Couchtuner.

On the home page of Couchtuner  website you can see New Releases, Tv Show List, Trending Shows. You can also browse and see full tv list and all the recent new releases regarding the TV shows and movies.  You can also search TV Shows TV News and other things with their names in the search box.  Latest popular and trending tv show list is as follows on the site. 50 Central Alias Grace American Horror Story American Housewife Are You the One? Arrow Avengers Assemble Better Things Black-ishBlindspot Blue Bloods Bob’s Burgers Broad City Brooklyn Nine-Nine Bull Channel Zero: Candle Cove Chance Chicago Fire Chicago PD Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Criminal Minds Curb Your Enthusiasm Dance Moms Designated Survivor Drunk History Dynasty Elementary Empire Family Guy Fresh Off the Boat Frontier Geordie Shore Ghosted Ghost Wars Gold Rush Good Behavior Gotham Great News Grey’s Anatomy Halt & Catch Fire Hawaii Five-0 Homeland How to Get Away with Murder Humans If Loving You is Wrong Jane The Virgin Jessica Jones. You can now watch all these online on the Couchtuner site.



Now I know the question on your mind. Its not that I can read your mind but its that every one thinks of this when ever they want to watch anything online. Yes. This is all about legality of the site. As I have already mentioned you, This is  a pirated website. True. Couchtuner is pirated and not legal. Couchtuner infringes the copyright laws and provies you the TV shows as a third-party video content. This website uses the other platform content like other Televisions videos. One important thing to note is that you cannot download anything any video from this site. As this site is providing the third-party video content you cannot download but still you can watch online any time.


CouchTuner: Is It Still Available Now?

As you all heard Couchtuner.com was shut down now. Yes that is true. Some say couchtuner is unblocked but that is not as couchtuner has some piracy issues. If you still want to access the website, it’sreally better to try CouchTuner subdomains which are available now. Do you want to know what are working CouchTuner domains now? As Couchtuner.com was shut down,the management is now trying to use other subdomains to keep work going on. http://www.couchtuner.ws/ is one of it now. CouchTunerTvc , couch-tuner2.in , ag, city, couch-tuner.ac  are some other domains you can try. Actually there are number of of CouchTuner domains available on the web. But,only few of them works.  You can update your bookmarks with these latest domains of CouchTuner. There will be regular blocks of the website but the management keeps on bouncing their IPs so it’s never actually down for a long time.




CouchTuner Viewers Reviews:

CouchTuner is the greatest and convenient platform to watch the online videosNews and TV shows. Many people are in love with these sort of technical services online to watch HD videos on the internet. The over all built of the website and ease to operate made it unique and favourite site for many people. Its really easy to use with many features with quite simple options. Though it’s not legal people are more keen to this sort of websites for their key feature of entertaining their viewers. Regarding the quality of the videos, you don’t even need to think about it. It is so perfect and clear so you no need to worry about this aspect of the website and undoubtedly watch the crystal clear HD videos online.

As it is a pirated site you need to be very careful being harmed by digital malware through dangerous malware or virus. Do not click on the pop ads or any ads on the site as they may contain malware you are not aware of. Yes we need to accept the bitter truth that this entertaining CouchTuner website is little bit risky. But people are now smart enough to update themselves for the trending technological advances.

CouchTuner alternatives:

If some one comes with a unique idea then as the internet is open to all you will definitely get mimics of that online for sure. So, it’s not surprising that we have so many CouchTuner alternatives now online. There are many free sites like CouchTuner which allows you to watch videos and also paid CouchTuner alternatives which gives featured assets for their costumers. Here today let me give some best-paid and free CouchTuner alternatives here and we will discuss them in detail on the next article.

Best paid alternatives CouchTuner

There are many paid alternatives for CouchTuner providing their services at different costs. I just name few best paid alternatives CouchTuner out of others.



Best free alternatives of CouchTuner

There are many free alternatives for CouchTuner providing their services online in this web world. I just want to express few best free alternatives CouchTuner here.


The Daily Fix

Cafe Movie


Pros & Cons of CouchTuner:

CouchTuner  allows you to watch online videos with High Dimension clear picture. You can watch all the music, current News, celebrity interview, TV Shows with ease. Macbro original series, Castlabania , Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures Game of Thrones, 12 Monkeys, Quantico,Narcos Dare devil are some of the best examples of what Couch Tuner includes in its directory to watch for their beloved viewers. But, As I havealready mentioned you cannot download these shows and news. One important thing is Couch Tuner itself is a piracy site and so is not legal. Sometimes the unavailability and inaccessibility of Couch Tuner from time to time in different regions of the globe is also annoying for many users. Thisis experienced by most of its users these days who are using CouchTunerand even other streaming websites. You need to try different domains of the CouchTuner to use its service uninterruptedly. Another con of this website is its safety concern. You are prone to malware and data loss by using these websites. These pros and cons are more common to every online video streaming websites not only CouchTuner.

Be Safe:

As you use online streaming sites like CouchTuneryouneed to stay alert to protect your devicefrom viruses and other malware. Yes, CouchTuner contains viruses and other malware. There will be pop-ups, ads or buttons with malware. You should not click on these suspicious dangerous pop-ups, ads or buttons. If you do, you will be in trouble. The virus may attack your device and damage Its functioning.   As your computer at risk while surfing free streaming services you need to be with special care and alert for all sort of malware and virus. There is another threat using CouchTuner. Your data is also at risk. So you need to defend your data while using CouchTuner. As you surf the internet, you reveal your IP to your ISP or other third-party.  I will be clear. IP address can be easily disclosed. So, you should be really careful. You can protect your data by hiding your IP. People will use VPN or hide your IP using a proxyand alsoother techniques to hide the IP’s and to protect their valuable data on the internet. This is the one way to avoid this problem. If you are careless while using online HD video DESI CID streaming sites like CouchTuner you will end up malfunctioning of your mobile or laptop or some financial losses too.

I think here in this article you understood what is CouchTuner?, is it worthy to use CouchTuner? Is CouchTuner Safe?Did CouchTuner got blocked? Details on working CouchTuner domains?And alsoCouchTuner alternatives.